Jessica's Bad Idea

This story starts off involving Jessica and a girl named Sandra, who is very shy. The other girls make fun of her and how clumsy she can be. Jessica decides she'll give Sandra a makeover and once she does that it changes Sandra's appearance and attitude.

(Herein lies the problem with this book. It supports the idea that what a woman looks like is more important that what she is actually like as a person. No one wanted anything to do with Sandra before the makeover, but after it's done and she really looks pretty and wears better clothes suddenly lots of the boys are paying her attention.)

The attention, of course, is what causes problems since Jessica likes to be the center of attention and she gets jealous over how much attention Sandra is getting. Things get worse for Jessica when Sandra wins the position of introducing the major at a school assembly, and wins a citizen's award which will allow her to ride on a gloat during a parade.

We find that Sandra has a better attitude towards things than Jessica and it all works out okay in the end.

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