Sweet Valley Twins #6: The New Girl

Brooke Dennis is the new girl in town. Her father works with scripts and other things Hollywood. Her mother had divorced her father and moved away, remarried, and is building another family. Brooke's attitude towards Elizabeth, Jessica and all the other students is extremely nasty. She is so nasty that even Elizabeth, the twin who is as nice as can be, agrees to a surprise that will put Brooke into her place.

The problem arises when Elizabeth uncovers the reasons why Brooke is so terribly nasty to everyone, but it's too late to stop the surprise. So, a second surprise is formed in order to try to cure the effects of the first surprise.

Technically this is a story about bullying since everyone unites to work against Brooke. On the other hand, Brooke has been utterly nasty to every since person (and one dog), so there's a question here on whether or not bullying can ever be actually justified. There's also another lesson here and that is, before you go after someone, make sure they haven't been forced by events into the position that no one likes them for.

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