Patty's Last Dance

This 65th book in the series has two themes running through it. In one there's a very serious theme about Patty, who is a young ballet dance and plans to go into that field once she's finished school. She3 takes ballet lessons and is supposed to be the lead in a local production of Swan Lake. Things go well until her ballet teacher starts getting on her case all the time and then tells her she need to see a doctor.

Seems she has scoliosis and that poses a threat to her ballet career and an immediate threat to the production of Swan Lake.

The other them, of much lesser seriousness, is the elementary school trying to figure out how to get onto this popular television show and Jessica heads the process of organizing a dance marathon. As usual, Jessica stretches the truth quite a lot.

Therein lies a major problem with the entire series. Jessica is a natural-born liar. She tells lies all the time, gets into trouble, and usually has to depend on her sister to get her out of trouble. Such a girl in real life would need to see a psychiatrist since she sees nothing wrong, really, with the way she lies and avoids doing things that she's supposed to do.

That kind of lying approach can work for a while but it gets old quick.

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