Won't Someone Help Anna?

#69 in the series.

Anna is a new girl at school. She is deaf but is able to read lips and use ASL, American Sign Language. A girl named Cammi dislikes her right off while the other girls like her and try to help her whenever they can.

This continues until the reason Cammi is upset is pointed out and things begin to make a lot of sense. Unfortunately, Anna is having a lot of trouble in class since the teachers are used to talking to the blackboard and she misses a lot of what they are saying.

So, Cammi faces a problem. She also knows ASL and could help Anna, but she doesn't want the other students to know the reason why she knows ASL even though her hearing is normal. So, she faces the dilemma of helping someone and possibly something going wrong in her own school life, or not helping the person and the person would probably fail her classes.

The book is one of those with a strong moral message and is quite good.

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