The Mother-Daughter Switch

Jessica and Elizabeth are supposed to get things ready for a party for a mother-daughter day and they fail miserably, doing everything else but working on the party. They complain that their lives as kids are really hard so they end up switching places with their mother. Their mother acts just as careless as they do. She also tries to participate in a planned roller-blade thing to raise money for a good cause.

It's not long before all three realize that whatever their position in life, it's not easy.

The problem with this book is that it doesn't really show the differences in what the adults and the kids have to do. Yes, Elizabeth and Jessica have to do some cleaning and make (a totally futile) attempt to cook food. Yet they don't have to work to earn money for the household. They don't have to be responsible for paying the bills. There are a lot of problems adults have to deal with that their kids don't have to and the book leaves these out.

Still, at least it makes an attempt to show that both sides do have a lot to deal with. It might be different things like homework vs. cooking dinner, but for what it does accomplish it's fairly good.

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