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Dec. 7, 2002

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Vine-wrapped pole


Announcement Sonny posted on the
Bulletin Board in Happy


Below are pictures of Sonny's home in Happy after he moved all the Harvest series over to his new home in LarkRise. This, his final house before Happy went into the mists of time, was furnished in odds and ends left over, plus whatever Tom Nook had to offer in the last day or so.

Sonny in Happy became a sort of shadow person who still existed and had his own life, even though there now was a Sonny in LarkRise who had inherited all his furniture and mementos and such. I tried to do as much for Sonny in Happy as I could before he and Happy went off into another dimension. He had won his house and manor models, had paid off all his loans (and gotten the special commemorative gift from Tom Nook), and had started a nice savings account with the post office. Mayor Tortimer had added a bridge over the river near the beach. Happy continues in "perfect" condition. All is well.


First floor Second floor Basement


Sonny's last diary entries


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