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A Shift in the Light, A Shift in the Seasons


Pictures taken in our front hallway in the late afternoon/evening hours, showing the angle of sunlight at different stages of summer
(these are PalmPix photos) Sunday, June 16, 2002
  (these are Coolpix photos) Thursday, August 8, 2002



Mailboxes and bulletin board Cheery helpful sign
Mailboxes in the entranceway



Raindrops and twig, Sunday, August 11, 2002



Sunshine, morning and evening, Monday, August 12, 2002



Feet first! ::pant pant::
My computer, waiting to go to the doctor!
Tuesday, August 13, 2002



Glow from behind the house Clouds hanging low Wall of clouds approaches Wall of clouds almost obscuring the sky
Overspreading Clouds at Sunset, Tuesday, August 13, 2002



An airplane strays across my field of vision! Another wall-of-clouds evening
Another cloudy sunset, Wednesday, August 14, 2002



Summer Thunderstorm, Sunday, August 18, 2002


The first raindrops More hit the porch roof Seriously pouring! A neighbour tries to keep his garden soil from running down the driveway
Raindrops on leaves Waterproof chair Impromptu pond Drip-drop Sunlit version of scene above





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