A Mouse's Father's Day Tribute


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Gardening Christmastime!
A man outstanding in his field! Who knew how to have fun
By the lake In Grandma's Florida room
Who was one cool daddio
In the backyard Florida front yard
Who loved the outdoors



Daddy could build anything (remodeling rooms: putting in drywall, putting in wiring, painting, wallpapering, putting down flooring; building dog houses (!); etc.), fix anything (ANY cars or tractors (!), bent-up-by-accident-prone-kids bicycles, anything around the house), grow anything (sometimes too well--The Swiss Chard That Wouldn't Die! But he did grow lots of wonderful vegetables (yum!) and later on loved growing roses), cook, sew/mend, hunt and fish, and was the best driver I have ever ridden with (he was even a taxi driver at one point). He was a jack-of-all-trades and master of anything he put his hand to. He loved crossword puzzles, the Sunday funnies, football, mystery novels and western novels, and politics.

I'm really proud to be his daughter, and I miss him a lot. Here's to one neat Daddio--see you on the flip side!



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