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These cute people, almost all of whom are Bean Sprouts, are no longer living here with me--in 1999 they emigrated to Cat'r Country. Every once in a while one of the Mouse House citizens makes a journey there, taking tidings and bringing back news. There were a few people who heeded a higher calling and went off to a local children's hospital, to give aid and comfort.


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The earlier incarnation of Highgate Tower, next to the Stutz Apartments Flying people on the roof and top floor Next floor down: bears, a kitty, and a very cute puppy Next floor down: farmyard people and others Next floor down: forest, wetland, and various wild creatures
Bottom floor: various aquatic people Final renovations to Highgate Tower, now given over totally to Bean Sprouts. People have swapped living quarters Over time various Bean Sprouts migrated from Highgate Tower to Woody's Townhouse, living alongside Pokemon and various other people
Berry and Miami dress up and pose with Jeanette (Bunnicula's bear) The final home in the Mouse House that the Bean Sprouts occupied: Clifftop Villa. A Teddy Grahams bear joined their ranks The civic-minded people (who were rescued from Claw Machines) who went to help sick children: Santa and Baby Mouse; and CountryMouse (not me). Lime and Pikachu are still with me


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