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Crocheted ChaCha scarf
for Pooh, Aug. 2005
I made myself one just like it, plus a matching crocheted hat in Sept. 2005 or so



Poncho crocheted in Paton's Twister Matching crocheted hat
in Caron Simply Soft
with Twister flower
Another matching hat
done in Twister--this is loom-knitted
All completed in September 2005.



Crocheted hat I made in the 80's edged with leftover Moda Dea Wild! yarn I knitted scarf with. Completed Sept. 2005 or so.



Scarf knit in Lion Brand Fun Fur Stripes yarn. Hat crocheted in Lion Brand Microspun and trimmed in a bit of the leftover stripey Fun Fur. Completed September 2005 or so.



"The Scrambled Egg Disaster" crocheted hat. Done by holding two strands of Lion Brand Microspun yarn together (one red, one gold), hoping for a pleasing effect--oops! Completed Sept. 2005.



Hat crocheted in Caron Simply Soft and trimmed in wide ribbon yarn to match drop-stitch knitted scarf. Completed September 2005 or so.



Stormy Sea Scarf knit on US 13 needles in Lion Brand Fancy Fur. Matching hat below:

Hat crocheted in Red Heart Kids "Jade" (aqua) with Fancy Fur brim trim. Scarf completed Autumn 2005; hat completed Autumn 2006.









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All photographs copyright Joanna M. Phillips 2005-2008,  except me modeling hat, copyright © J.T. Crawford 2005-2008