Summer sunlight illuminates the morning window:
I'll knit with that metallic-looking yarn
That is so difficult to see in dim light
But is such a surprising soft joy to touch and
To watch...
Watch as it becomes something lacy
And fuzzy and wonderful.

Knitting is such a soothing sweet activity--
One can do it in a solitary fashion,
Exulting in the sensuality of it:
The satin smoothness of the bamboo needles,
The feel of the yarn,
The colours that explode when
Light hits them a certain way.

Or one can immerse oneself in the commonness of it,
Feeling a connection with history,
With generations of knitters before us.
One can even feel that time spent in doctors' offices
Is time well spent if knitting is taken along.

And knitting can open doors of the heart:
One can do it in community,
Gathering with old and new friends
To talk about anything and everything
Whilst the needles move and the yarn
Becomes beautiful fabric.
Jokes made, help given, warmth shared.

Age-old art and once-necessity,
You give to us still,
Binding us together in love and harmony.





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Poem copyright 2005-2008 Joanna M. Phillips | Knitting background and knitting photographs copyright © Joanna M. Phillips 2005-2008 | Other backgrounds by Absolute Background Textures Archive | Gold buttons and bar from Creations by Dawn