Lilly in the Solarium



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Floor lamp Sofa Fireplace Armchair End table Television set


Piano Xylophone Coffee table Blue Tamagotchi Lilly, blowing kisses!Lilly's dollhouse


Combination clock/curio cabinet Rocking chair One of Lilly's famous disguise hats! Miniature hot-air balloon Rug Various mouse boardgames Toy giraffe



Floor lamp My desk Computer Telephone Chest holding quilts and sewing projects Sewing machine Floor lamp



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Sometimes you'll find Lilly playing indoors, here in the solarium. Other times, especially in good weather, you'll find her outdoors (check the Holiday Pages to see Lilly at various times of the year). Lilly likes to play on the computer, watch television, play the piano (and xylophone!), play games, and lots of other things! We have lots of fun together!

I was fortunate enough to adopt Lilly on Friday, June 20th, 1997. She has been such a joy to have around! Below is a copy of her birth certificate:


Birth Certificate #11


If you would like to see Lilly's room, step this way. But be very quiet...she'll be asleep when you get there...



Please do not mousenap my little girl! The kind people at the Mousepad Orphanage would be only too happy to help you with the adoption of your very own little mouse orphan.




Line of thimbles and thread, etc.