~ Mother-love ~



A mother's love they always say
Is not a thing to go away
She calls to mind your time within
That private bond beneath the skin.
She treasures to her dying day
Your special looks, your special ways
Delighting in your goals achieved
And comforting for things you've grieved.

"You only have one mother" is true
So give this lady her rightful due.
Her sage advice, her wisdom great,
And if at some far distant date
Her mind may dim and frail she be
Remember days upon her knee.
She taught you well, from her you learned
Now carry her, it is your turn.

Remember love in all its forms
But most of all from love we're born
The bond, the sweetness ever there
The special bond that is so rare
A love that spans both time and space
A love shared by each country, race.
So come now, praise to mother-love
It is but one step from above.


--fleur    16.iv.05




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Poem copyright 2005-2015 Joanna M. Phillips | Silhouette by CountryMouse