Pets & Friends



Oh so cute! I adopted this cute little hamster, cynthia, on Tuesday,
August 22, 2006! Eeee! Feed her strawberries (click-click!)!


adopt your own virtual pet!



January 18, 2006



Look at these cute mice I found today, November 18, 2004! They wanted to come home with me, so I said, "Sure!" They come from a very lovely lady's site, a lady no longer on this plane of existence...
I found a cyber pet at Ginkgo's Adoption Agency



Friendship Fireflies -
(seems to be gone)
I was always sorry when the morning after catching fireflies, they were no longer alive. Finally, we can have a jar of "lightning bugs", and they will stay alive and pretty! See also here.



I adopted my Guardian Dragon from Fantasy Fights
Adopted June 8, 2004



Puppy Pal adopted at Louise's Lodge
Adopted October 27, 2004



Doghouse Sleeping dog Pets by Vikimouse!


Beany Buddies

(Jelly Beany Buddies) ( reg'lar Beany Buddies)

I adopted my Buddy at the MousePad

I adopted two anime critters from Pocket Seibutsu. Here they are!


(actually Ryouga when in human form!)


(from Hamtaro!)