My Pocket Bishoujo Captures


This trivia game is a combination of Pokemon and the bishoujo (beautiful girls) of anime,
games, TV, etc.  You "capture" the various bishoujo by answering questions
about them. Dark Childe got me started on this--it's all hir fault!


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Pocket Bishoujo



Ivanova Delenn Buffy
Babylon 5 Buffy the Vampire Slayer
Shorty Shorty Kid (Kiddo)
Bust-A-Groove (Bust-A-Move in Japan) ChronoCross
Lufa Excel Laura
Dragon Half Excel-Saga Hamtaro
Miaka Miaka Mimi
Fushigi Yuugi Hello Kitty
Mama Hello Kitty Hello Kitty
Hello Kitty
J. K. Rowling J. K. Rowling Pearl
J. K. Rowling Legend of Mana
Mary Poppins Cornet Cornet
Mary Poppins Rhapsody
Officer Jenny Misty Misty
Millie Millie







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