My PSP8 Class - Beginners 102



Here are some of the results from my classes this quarter, Autumn 2004,  in The PSP8 Classroom.


This was a lesson on Working with Picture Frames, both presets in PSP8 and ones we made ourselves via tutorials written by Patti Wavinak, our instructor and dean of The PSP8 Classroom.


Frame available in PSP8



Frames above and below from tutorials by Patti



Scripting: What I did with a Patti's tutorial using the Balls&Bubbles Eyes and the Auto Tuber script! hehehehehe! It's all Patti's fault! :-P



From the Lesson about the Effects Menu:


Playing around with User Defined Effects


Spherizing an image (Geometric Effects)





Creations by Dawn


All photographs (except image of Lord Ganesha) copyright Joanna M. Phillips 2004-2008