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I have a square in the Quilt of Phenomenal Women
(on page 92)

And this is it:

The Mouse House



to CountryMouse's House of Quilts!


Come on in and take a look around. We have a few quilts,
but hope to add more as time goes by.


Some of the quilts are out in the garden, so why not wander
out here and "set a spell" and enjoy the lovely weather,
the rose garden, and the quilts.


 I'm CountryMouse, sometimes known as Mousie. And this is my little
assistant Lilly, whom you may've met elsewhere around here!





We grow flowers for the local market and stitch quilts when we
have time. It's a peaceful life.



Yes, surprisingly, we DO have a cat! She's very sweet and
gentle, a nice companion for us.

We haven't really made much of a start on this quilt. I wonder
what we should do with it, what designs or words? ........


Well, you'll have to excuse us now while we go tend to the
flowers. Feel free to look around, though.

If you see any quilt squares you'd like to have in the Squares
For You
section, go ahead and take one or some. Just please
link back to us here at the House of Quilts! The address
is on the Squares for You page.

And then, before you go, if you'd like, please sign our guestbook.
It's always nice to look back and see who has visited our
little teapot home.



Well, goodbye for now! Hope to see you again soon!




When life hands you scraps make a quilt


WOSIB Designers



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