You know you're a rat lover when...


White rat in crystal bowl 1. You sleep during the day so you can play with your ratties all night.

2. You start thinking of ways to alter your clothes so you can carry your ratties with you.

3. You make weekly stops by your favorite pet store(s) just to see the new ratties.

4. You see the new ratties and you think, "Oh what the heck, what's one more?" Of course you already have ___ ratties (fill in the blank).

5. You automatically cut food into rat size pieces, even if it's your own dinner.

6. You go to the bookstore looking for picture books, kid stories, everything and anything about ratties.

7. You don't find much,and start day dreaming about writing a cute story featuring all your little ratties. You even include their pictures in cute little outfits to go with the storyline.

8. You buy a camera just so you can take pictures of your ratties.

9. You then carry their pictures in your wallet, all ___ of them (fill in the blank).

10. You realize that your bath towels, hand towels, dish towels, and bed sheets have all been redesigned by the great Ratte', and apparently you seem quite taken with his work because you're wearing his designer tee-shirts as well.

Two tan rats
Chocolate and white rat 11. You heard that New York City is overrun with rats and you just don't see the problem.

12. You start using rattie associated passwords to access your PC!

13. You make a special trip to the pet shop to buy some more choccie treats even though you still have half a box of them!

14. You name your children in memory of the deceased ratties you once had.

15. You skip your uncle's funeral to hold a memorial service for a recently departed rattie.

16. You have little gift packages (chew toys, slides, and houses) under your yule tree for all your ratties.

17. You found these cute little doll socks and embroider all your ratties' names on them (and I do mean all of them) then you hang them up next to your children's stockings.

18. You now drive 40 minutes to get rat supplies, because you refuse to frequent the local shop because you once heard the pet shop owner say that rats were "dumb".

19. You know either all your ratties' birthdates or the date on which they came to live with you.

20. You say "they (the ratties) came to live with me" as if they were more relatives or roomies than pets.

A white rat
Another white rat! 21. You spend 15 minutes musing over jars of baby food in the supermarket for your sick rat and only 5 minutes choosing what to give your family for dinner!

22. You open a whole tin of chopped tomatoes just because your ratties like to have a small piece of bread dipped in tomato!

23. You "rat wrestle" with your friends and loved ones.

24. You spend more money on their health care than your own.

25. When people ask you if you have children you say yes, even though you're referring to your rats.

26. You try to find the best, most deluxe multi-leveled cage you can.

27. You find that cage (house) and don't mind having to make that extra house payment, because you want nothing but the best for your ratties.

28. You call the vet at odd hours of the night for the littlest sneeze.

29. You sit their cage in front of the TV so you can watch them instead of it.

30. You beg your friends to come over just to meet them.

Silver rat
Golden rat with a strawberry! 31. You glow when you talk about them.

32. You get a tattoo in commemoration of them.

33. You doodle little ratties in your notebook.

34. You have new litters just so you can watch them grow.

35. You spend more time and money on your rats than your significant other.

36. You subscribe to ___ (fill in number of) newsgroups, but the only one you keep up with is alt.pets.rodents.

37. You go grocery shopping, and base your food budget on what's left over after you get food for your rats (and dogs) and don't mind when it's not much!

38. You think their feet are the most adorable things in the world. Tiny heart

39. You put the heating on just to make sure your "baby" isn't cold.

40. You buy twice as much toilet rolls just so your rattie can have some nice soft bedding.

Small tan rat
Another small tan rat
Brown and white hooded rat 41. You eat in your room just so your rattie can have some food.

42. You make cereal even when you don't really fancy some just because your rattie prefers it to toast!

43. You realize you've spent enough on vet fees for one rattie in a week to actually buy 10 more rats!

44. Your bankcard statements list nothing but things for your ratties (e.g. pet shops, pet catalogs, rattie's favorite vet).

45. You shop at the health food store to buy organic veggies and grain products for your ratties, but think nothing about shopping at the regular grocery store for the rest of your family.

46. You let your ratties sit on your shoulders, nest in your hair and sleep in your shirt while you work at your computer --all ___ of them (fill in the number).

47. You find yourself adjusting your family's favorite recipes just so they are rat-friendly. (let's see, if I take out the fat, increase the carbos, lower the protein and salt......)

48. You talk baby talk when playing the rat wrestle game with your ratties (I'm going to get you, get the rat, get the rat, kiss, kiss, tickle, tickle, oh what a cute rattie you are, yes you are, mommie loves you, yes she does).

49. You've found that child size toothbrushes make perfect hairbrushes for your rattie and you can even get them with your rattie's name on them.

50. You keep pictures of all your ratties hung on the wall above your desk at work, all ___ of them (fill in the number).

Lots of fancy rats!
Rat resting in someone's hand 51. When asked about your ratties, you start telling all these cute stories about what your ratties did just the other day......

52. When you capitalize the word 'RAT' within other words!


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This list was begun by Linda Bradley, in the alt.pets.rodents newsgroup. It was added onto by Jennifer Phillips, Nhadine Markham, Scott Saftler, and other rat lovers from there! Used by permission of Ms.Bradley.


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