Mouse Tea Party

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In January 1996 there was an impromptu tea party to welcome Merry Mouse, who had arrived at Christmastime 1995. Merry, dressed in her holiday finery of velvet, satin, and lace, was a gracious guest of honour. Woody stood guard while everyone had a joyous time.


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Circle of friends Merry in her finery
From left, with tail over the edge: Joseph the Rat, Beth the Bookmouse, Angelina Ballerina, Woody, Little Mouse, Daisy, Lady Mouse, Merry Mouse. Daisy, Lady Mouse, Merry Mouse, Emmy, Pixie
Singing and dancing Woody stands guard
Merry, Emmy, Pixie, E. Norm Mouse, Holly, Mary Swissmouse (with bracelet); Joseph the Rat facing away Another view, with Woody
Another view Following the Moon CD
E. Norm Mouse, Holly, Mary Swissmouse, Joseph, Beth, Angelina. Renaissance and Celtic music provided by Ensemble Galilei, for listening and dancing pleasure!


Pink swirlsPink swirlsPink swirls


Tea and gentle times


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Original Compositions by Bruce DeBoer

Midi "Castles in the Sky" is used with permission
and is copyright 2003 Bruce DeBoer

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