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Huggable Bear!


At the Garden of Friendship I met the cutest little teddy bear who wanted to come home with me! Here he is!

GOF Adoption Certificate




March 22d, 2004: A sweet gift from GL in the Garden of Friendship to all of us on the Garden Buddies mailing list:



Garden of Friendship Adoption Shoppe


On January 12, 2004, I adopted a cute little stuffed mousie! He *says* his name is Mouse! He also says he likes ice cream!


Hello, I am Mouse I was adopted from Sunflower's Adoption Agency
(no longer in existence)


Ice cream cones!


I don't have a name yet... B.J. Teddies

This bunny >
popped up while I was at Bear Jests Adoption Central!



KK Designs

Ice cream cone line by Vikimouse