THE DOG at The Mouse House


THE DOG is a very cute character that has come to us from Japan. You have probably seen plushes and tee-shirts and stickers and games and all manner of things with these cute little critters who have very large heads and noses. The reason they look this way is that it all started with a specific style of puppy photography, using expressive close-ups taken with wide-angle lenses. Very cute!


Look for more pictures of our DOGS in Fuzzy Fotos!



The first THE DOG to come to The Mouse House was a little Shiba Inu that I got
for Cat'r from J-List in the Spring of 2002.


A closer-up of Cat'r's DOG
(click to see it larger!)
This is where he used to hang out: on top of Cat's computer (click to see it larger!) This is a photo I found of the Shiba breed of THE DOG (Cat'r's DOG)



Then Cat'r discovered THE DOG at Toys 'R' Us!
First I got a little Dachshund. Isn't he the cutest thing?!


(click on all photos to see them larger)



Here are photos of my little Dachshund and Cat'r's DOG!
(click on small photos at the top)





    Then I just HAD to have a large plush THE DOG! Here is my incredibly cute, snuggly, comforting Beagle!


(click on all photos to see them larger)
A CD by my large Beagle THE DOG for size comparison! My Beagle THE DOG with other goodies purchased same day Pals
Cuddly companions for a stormy night



My Beagle THE DOG with some of my other fuzzy people.
(click on small photos at the top)





 So what are you WAITING for?! Go out there and get yourself a cute THE DOG!
They come in (at least) three sizes, many breeds, and there are lots of cute products
with them on it!


love dog love people love life


Go see the history of THE DOG, goodies available, and more!







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