The Noxes


Teddy bears dancing on the line
Between the light and winter dark:
This is the Noxes it is called
A time of mystery, wonder, and joy
Old friends and new are everywhere
Parties all around the world!

They travel here by box and rug
And magic pillows and other things
Just to see the magic stuffs
That Nature makes for all of us.
Don't you worry, the bears come back
They know we need them home with us.

We never know that they are gone
Because they play with Time, you see,
When they go and when they're back
It's all a great big Mystery.
But just a thought of need or hug
Will bring a bear back home to us.

So if you're high up in a plane
Or up so early in the morn
Look for the line 'twixt light and dark
You never know what you might see:
Teddy bears dancing on the line
A place where we might like to be!


--fleur    25.iv.04







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