Touch Poet


This is (strange) poetry I've created with the application "Touch Poet" on the iPod Touch. It's  like refrigerator magnet poetry and is also reminiscent of that old A.I. Racter and poetry generators from long ago.




Beauty's warrior, thy heavenly decay
Should date sweet evil which
They cancelled when written to
One whose pen thy interest
I do live afresh.

--fleur  14.v.09



Home sometime doth sightless night
These large bells call--
They did burn outward.
Say unto old times
Thou hast more good than this.

--fleur  14.v.09



Praise undistinguishable music.
Seal love afresh upon thy dwelling,
Read passion drawn once strict,
Which stretched on for pleasure.
Thy heart they fancy not.

--fleur  17.v.09



Thou by the side
Along the rich noise,
Go coldly, bright sad magician,
Give hope each spring alone.

--fleur  17.v.09



Twenty stayed his cruel culture.
Far you would forget darkness:
Stain, fault, repair, sleep.
Most would never change.

--fleur  19.v.09









Background from Absolute Background Textures Archive | Poetry © Copyright 2009 Joanna M. Phillips