The Two of Us


In all this race and madness

I have found you.

All these years we've waited!

Amid the sound and the flurry

We find this one quiet spot.

I spread my wing over you

We gently become one

For us, but also

For all of us.

Carry our young proudly and carefully

To the nearest tree

And leave them to their new life.

Know that our love

Will live on in them

Long after we have gone.


Farewell, my dear one.

Remember our time together

So brief, so sweet.

Will others ever know

How tender was our loving?


--fleur   25.v.04


(brought on by thoughts that these images seem so tender;
and...what would it be like to be an insect?)


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Creations by Dawn



Poem copyright © 2004-2008 Joanna M. Phillips | Photograph by Dark Childe,
copyright © 2004-2008, used by permission