Agnetha and Frida

Agnetha does the odd numbered songs and Frida does the even numbered songs. Just for fun I'm going to compare them by twos and see which singer I like most.

1. The Heat is On: Sort of a Jamaican type of beat. Very strange song.

2. I Know There's Something Going On: Nice beat to the song, although again the instruments tend to drown out the singer at times. Good song otherwise.

For the first two, I choose Frida.

3. You're There: A good song.

4. To Turn the Stone: A very good song. One of my favorites of Frida's.

For the second set, I again choose Frida, giving her a 2-0 lead over Agnetha.

5. Just One Heart: Another sort of Jamaican type of beat but a much better song than the first one.

6. That's Tough: It's an okay song, but that's about it.

For the third set, I choose Agnetha's song. Score, Frida 2, Agnetha 1.

7. Turn the World Around: A fairly decent song.

8. I Got Something: Another fairly decent song.

For the fourth set, I give a narrow victory to Agnetha, tying the score at 2 each.

9. We Should Be Together: A very average type of song for her.

10. Shine: I fairly decent song. Point to Frida.

Frida 3, Agnetha 2.

11. I Won't Let You Go: I think this is one of her best solo songs.

12. Here We'll Stay: A duet. The song sounds like one that would be performed as part of some Los Vegas show or something.

Point to Agnetha; score tied again. It comes down to the last two songs.

13. Wrap Your Arms Around Me: A good song with a gentle flow to it.

14. Heart of the Country: Her voice is good and the song is good.

Basically it's a tie. Both of the last two songs are good in different ways so, it's a tie!

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