1. When I Kissed the Teacher: I think this one is a very good song.

2. Dancing Queen: Obviously one of their best.

3. My Love, My Life: The background vocal sounds almost drown out the singing part. Almost sounds like it's supposed to be performed in a church or something. Not one of their better songs.

4. Dum Dum Diddle: Sorry, but this is one I just don't care for.

5. Knowing Me, Knowing You: I consider this to be one of their best songs.

6. Money, Money, Money: I think it's a good song, but it reflects one of the harsher realities of the world. He who has the gold makes the rules.

7. That's Me: Not very interesting.

8. Why Did It Have to be Me?: Another song that's just not that interesting.

9. Tiger: The third song in a row that is just not that good.

10. Arrival: Musical instruments that sort of give an imitation of bagpipes. This is mainly music with some vocal sound backing.

11. Fernando: This I consider to be among my top five favorite ABBA songs.

12. Happy Hawaii: A pretty cute song.

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