Mamma Mia: They do a really good job on this. The background music is also a little different and it works quite well.

Gimmie! Gimmie! Gimmie! Also another great song and performance. Another thing I like about their singing is that they pronounce their words quite clearly.

Super Trouper: The background music on these songs has basically been updated to the present times, or at least close to them. There is a noticeable difference in the voices of the girls and Agnetha and Frida, as the latter two have a more mature sound. Still, the girls in this group do an excellent job.

One of Us: A totally different approach is used on this song. I don't think it works because this is supposed to be a very sad song and the music they use as a background is too up-beat.

Voulez-Vous: They do a really good job on this one.

SOS: This has some very, very strange background sounds. The singing itself is really good and the song, other than the odd sounds (which don't happen that often) is just as good as the others.

Dancing Queen: They do an very excellent job on this cut.

Take a Chance on Me: This is Take a Chance on Me on steroids mixed with massive doses of caffeine. Still, it's really good.

Lay All Your Love on Me: Excellent.

The Name of the Game: At least one of the guys is singing at parts of the song and his voice fits. The girls, as usual, do an thoroughly excellent job of singing their parts of the song.

Our Last Summer: Another really good version of the original.

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