Abba: Dream On

1. SOS (Swedish version). Agnetha solo version. Really, really good.

2. You No Fui Quien Dijo Adios (Spanish version of I Wasn't The One Who Said Goodbye. Agnetha and Peter Cetera. I don't like this one that much. I'm not used to a male voice being equal to the female one in strength, and the song itself is ok but just not that inspiring.

3. I Won't Let You Go (Extended Remix): Agnetha. Another really good song.

4. Let It Shine (Bright Remix) Agnetha. I like her singing. I don't like the drums playing the same note over and over for the entire song without variation.

5. The Last Time (Extended Version): Agnetha. Good singing with a good background beat to the song.

6. Shine (Extended Remix) Frida. Too long an opening. Way too long of an opening. Way too much musical background compared to the actual amount of the singing. The music is also too loud compared to her singing. This is one reason I tend to dislike alternate versions of songs; they often don't work very well.

7. Fernando; Frida, Swedish Version. Very well done.

8. ABBA. Chiaquitita, Live UNICEF performance, 1979. One of their best songs done very well.

(The next song is sung by Mireille Mathieu (Bravo Tu As Gagne, the French version of The Winner Takes it All), with ABBA doing background vocals. The last five songs are done by Michael B. Tretow with ABBA doing background vocals. )

9. Mireille Mathieu (Bravo Tu As Gagne, the French version of The Winner Takes it All).She does a good job on the song.

10. Paper Dolls. Why is this guy on this record anyhow??? Sounds sort of like a bad 60's type of song.

11.Bottom Coming Up. Sounds like a country song. Manages to be worse than the last song and I tremble in fear that there are still three more songs by this guy.

12. Moon Beams. This is totally unbelievable. It is so bad your will have the best laughs you have probably ever had listening to it.

13.I Can See What You Mean. Is this guy a comedian? Hillbilly accents from ABBA. Gives you an idea of what this song is like.

14. Sand Which. OMG! As funny as Moon Beams.

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