ABBA: The Music Still Goes On

1. Does Your Mother Know: A good song with a bit of a message in it.

2. Ring, Ring: I hate telephones but I still like this song.

3. On and On and On: A perfect song to describe American politics. As a regular song, it's okay.

4. When I Kissed the Teacher: The title always reminds me of the Police song Don't Stand So Close to Me. Both are good songs.

5. If It Wasn't For the Nights: I've read some negative reviews of this song but I, for one, really like it.

6. As Good as New: Another song that I like.

7. Eagle: One of the best of their songs, in my opinion.

8. Dance (While the Music Still Goes on): Sort of has the beat of a Beach Boys song. A good song.

9. The Visitors: A political song, but in my mind it also applies to alien abduction.

10. When All is Said and Done: A very, very sad song.

11. So Long: I don't think this is one of their better songs.

12. Bang-A-Boomerang: An okay song with a very strange title.

13. Me and I: The opening is sort of science-fictiony. I don't like this song that much.

14. Move On: One of their worst songs.

15. Gonna Sing You My Love Song: Just an okay song and that's about it.

16. Arrival: I love the imitation bag-pipes. The vocals fit in quite well.

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