Little White Secrets

1.Ring Ring (US Remix). Good, although some of the background instruments could have been left out.

2.S.O.S. (From Top Of The Pops). Again, another really good ABBA song.

3.Sang Till Gorel. Strange. Sounds like a drinking song, possibly.

4.Dancing Queen (From Olivia TV Special). One of my favorite ABBA songs.

5.Fernando (From Olivia TV Special). Another song I really like.

6.Medley: Pick A Bale Of Cotton/On Top Of Old Smokey/Midnight Special. Why in the world did they do these?

7.ABBA At Melbourne Town Hall (Interview). A wild crowd for sure.

8.I Am An A (Live From Australia). A song about ABBA which is sort of cute.

9.Just Like That (Sax Version). Actually a very good song. To me it could have fit on any regular album of theirs. It's a little fuzzy in this recording but that could have been cleared up easily.

10.Dum Dum Diddle (Live From ABBA-Dabba-Doo). Rather strange due to the words. Most of the song itself is okay, but parts are kind of dumb sounding.

11.Why Did It Have To Be Me (Live From ABBA-Dabba-Do). A pretty good song.

12.Hovas Vittne. Sort of calypso beat, I feel. I'd like to hear this sung in English.

13.I'm A Marionette (From ABBA - The Movie). An interesting and good song.

14.Get On The Carousel (Edit From ABBA - The Movie). Sorry, but I don't like this one.

15.Under Attack (Alternate Ending). Another song of theirs that I really like.

16.Take A Chance On Me (From Olivia TV Special). Another I like.

17.On And On And On (Long Version). And another.

18.Ring Ring (Live from the Tommy Cooper Show). And another.

19.National Advertisement. Using Fernando as backgrond for an ad.

20.Dancing Queen (From ABBA - The Movie). Another song I really like.

21.What A Wonderful World (Frida & Marie Frederiksson Live). Not a very good physical recording in spots. It's still good and would be really good if it was cleaned up some.

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