Mamma Mia! Soundtrack

Granted, this is not an actual ABBA soundtrack, but it is a musical production and a film that uses the music from ABBA, so I'm listing it here and will note how good I think they did on each song.

Honey, Honey: The musical parts are good. The singing is so-so with parts that seem to move to strange noises or something.

Money, Money, Money: Actually fairly decent, closer to the original than the previous song.

Mamma Mia: A pretty good job on this major song.

Dancing Queen: A very good job on this song with only an occasional off-note.

Our Last Summer: A guy sings this and it just plain does not work at all. Period.

Lay All Your Love on Me: A guy sings the lead, a woman does the counter part. Again, this does not work with a guy as a lead.

Super Trouper:The lead singer is not quite up to ABBA's quality but she's close and the whole song works out very well.

Gimmie! Gimmie! Gimmie!: A good job is done on this classic song.

The Name of the Game: Fairly good.

Voulez Vous: Well done except for the guys singing.

SOS: Again, a mail lead just does not work on the song.

Does Your Mother Know: In this case a woman does the lead singing instead of a guy.

Slipping Through My Fingers: Another one of the songs that just doesn't work well.

When All is Said and Done: Again a guy leads and it does not work. This kind of song is, at least I feel, should be sung by a woman.

Take A Chance on Me: The guys get their part down perfectly; the main woman singing just doesn't work right for the song.

I Have a Dream: Okay.

I do understand that this is a musical and, in order for the characters to work, some of the songs will have to be sung by men. They work within the context of the musical, but, to me, they are not really true ABBA songs; they are interpretations of ABBA songs.

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