ABBA: More Gold

1. Summer Night City: I happen to like this one a lot.

2. Angeleyes: An okay song, but that's it.

3. The Day Before You Came: I actually don't like this one. It has a sort of spooky feel to it, like either something spectacularly wonderful or horribly terrible is going to happen.

4. Eagle: This is a very mysterious, very spiritual type of song to me.

5. I Do, I Do, I Do, I Do, I Do: One I don't like at all.

6. So Long: This one has a really good beat to it. The music almost drowns out the sound of the girls, though.

7. Honey Honey: Very cute, but that's about it.

8. The Visitors: A very depressing song about a freedom fighter that is about to be taken by government thugs.

9: Our Last Summer: Another very sad but very well done song.

10. On and On and On: I don't consider this one of their best.

11. Ring Ring: Cute, but not great.

12. I Wonder (Departure): Beautiful singing on this track. Sounds like a song that would be from a major Broadway play.

13. Lovelight: Good beat, good words, fairly good song.

14: Head Over Heels: I don't like this one at all. Too much constant pounding of the drum-type of sound. Also sounds like it belongs maybe to the 1930's.

15. When I Kissed the Teacher: I consider this an okay song, but nothing special.

16. I Am The City: The constant drum-pounding sound is a distraction again. If it weren't for that I'd really like this song.

17. Cassandra: A beautiful song based on the mythology of Cassandra, the woman cursed to be accurate in her prophecies, but no one would listen to her.

18. Under Attack: Another one that I like.

19. When All Is Said and Done: One of the saddest songs they did, in my opinion.

20. The Way Old Friends Do: I consider this one a beautiful song.

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