Name of the Game

Hardback, 248 pages. Two sections of photos for a total of 16 pages. It also contains discographies for Abba, Benny & Bjorn, Bjorn separately, Benny separately, The Hep Stars, The Hootennany Singers Agnetha separately and Frida separately.

The authors are definitely opinionated. They have a lot to say about various musical legends and not all of it is favorable by any means. They do a good job of showing the considerable difficulties in writing, performing, scheduling and dealing with the physical problems of doing albums and tours, especially. They also show how there are other difficulties for the performers aside from the actual tours themselves.

They do write a good bit about the perceived problems between Agnetha and Frida. Whether the problems were as bad as they say I have no way of knowing for sure. I do think they don't give Frida all the credit she deserves during performances, though. I've seen the DVDs and lots of You Tube videos and I think Frida seems to perform just as lively as Agnetha. My impression is that Agnetha is actually the more shy of the two. Frida actually seems to often really enjoy herself quite a bit and is more lively than Agnetha in some of the songs.

I enjoyed the book, actually. I think the addition of the very complete discographies is a valuable addition.

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