Ring, Ring

The songs were recorded actually before ABBA had become a set group. There are also a number of re-releases of the album with a variety of different songs included or left out.

1. Ring, Ring. A really cute song.

2. Another Town, Another Train. Fairly good song.

3. Disillusion. Another nice song. Some of the background music is sort of Beatle-ish in nature, with some possible country music influence also.

4. People Need Love. Basically a country-western type of song.

5. I Saw It In the Mirror. Depressing and not that good overall.

6. Nina Pretty Ballerina. Not very good at all.

7. Love Isn't Easy (But it Sure is Hard Enough). Sort of cute but not a winner.

8. Me and Bobby and Bobby's Brother. Not exactly bad, but not actually good either.

9. He is Your Brother. Another one that the backing music sounds country western. Overall another disappointing song.

10. She's My Kind of Girl. Not a bad song at all. Dated, of course, but still fairly good.

11. I Am Just a Girl. For some reason to me this sounds like the type of song used back in the 1920's. It would have suited a stage performance quite well.

12. Rock 'n Roll Band. Not bad but still not something you'd want to listen to multiple times.

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