Spotlight on Abba

The Queen and I (Dancing Queen): Some rap and some ducks. Parts are kind of funny, actually.

ABBA Mania Odd Mix. A fairly good one using bits and pieces of their other songs plus other things.

ABBA Minimix. More music pieces. Well done.

ABBAcadabra Mix: More music pieces. Not quite as good as the others at all.

Dancing Queen remix. Good. Musical alterations work rather well.

Lay All Your Love on Me, Liebrand Remix. Not that great.

Voulez Vous. There's something that sounds off on this version in relation to the instruments.

Chiquitita. A very good but very sad song.

Gimme! Gimme! Gimme! A Man After Midnight. This is one of my favorites of all the ABBA songs. I think the music and the singing are blended in an excellent fashion.

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