Thank You For The Music CD Box Set

Four disc set with excellent booklet included. Since I've already left a short comment about these in other reviews, I won't do much here except indicate the songs I like the most.

Disc 1.

1. People Need Love.
2. Another Town, Another Train.
3. He Is Your Brother.
4. Love Isn't Easy.
5. Ring Ring.
6. Waterloo.
7. Hasta Manana.
8. Honey Honey.
9. Dance (While the Music Still Goes On).
10. So Long.
11. I've Been Waiting for You.
12. I Do, I Do, I Do, I Do, I Do.
13. SOS.
14. Mama Mia.
15. Fernando. One of my favorites.
16. Dancing Queen.
17. That's Me.
18. When I Kissed the Teacher.
19. Money, Money, Money.
20. Crazy World.
21. My Love, My Life.

Disc 2

1. Knowing Me, Knowing You.
2. Happy Hawaii.
3. The Name of the Game.
4. I Wonder (Live verson).
5. Eagle. One of my favorites.
6. Take A Chance on Me.
7. Thank You For the Music.
8. Summer Night City.
9. Chiquitita.
10. Lovelight.
11. Does Your Mother Know.
12. Voulez-Vous.
13. Angeleyes.
14. Gimmie! Gimmie! Gimmie!. Another of my favorites.
15. I Have a Dream.

Disc 3

1. The Winner Takes It All
2. Elaine
3. Super Trouper
4. Lay All Your Love on Me
5. On and On and On
6. Our Last Summer: One of my favorite.
7. The Way Old Friends Do: Another one of my favorites.
8. The Visitors
9. One of Us: Sad, but still one of my favorites. 10. Should I Laugh or Cry
11. Head Over Heels
12. When All Is Said and Done: Definitely a favorite.
13. Lie an Angel Passing Through My room
14. The Day Before You Came
15. Cassandra. Another fav. I know how she felt.
16. Under Attack

Disc 4

Since a number of songs on this disc are not common to the regular albums, I will note my thoughts on these.

1. Put On Your White Sombero: Sounds a litttle bit like Fernando. An interesting song.
2. Dream World: A fairly good song. Some Voulez-Vous sounds it seems are also included. Also some sample-like stuff from Does Your Mother Know.
3. Thank You For the Music (Doris Day Version): A 1920's version of the song, it seems like.
4. Hey Gamle Man! In Swedish. Sounds interesting and rather different.
5. Merry-Go-Round: Sort of a cute song.
6. Santa Rosa: Very early song that shows promise.
7. She's My Kind of Girl: Seems like it belongs in the 1960's. Sounds vaguely like a Dave Clark 5 song.
8. Medley (Pick a Bale of Cotton/On Top of Old Smokey/Midnight Special): I am extremely surprised that they did the first song since it is rather racist, to put it mildly.
9. You Owe Me One: An almost Arabic sound to the background at the start. The rest of the song is rather strange.
10. Slipping Through My Fingers/You and I: Both of these are good songs.
11. Abba Undeleted: A whole bunch of musical backgrounds, speaking, bits of songs, etc.
12. Waterloo, Swedish Version. It's neat to hear these three in the original language.
13. Ring, Ring: Swedish Version.
14. Honey, Honey: Swedish Version.

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