ABBA Unplugged

This is like the other ABBA books in that it contains a lot of information. It also has some photos in it, as do many other ABBA- related books.

What sets it apart from the other books about ABBA that I have read is that the author really seems to dislike, if not actively hate, ABBA. He refers to their 'fashion disasters.' He criticizes their teeth, their hairstyles, and Frieda’s fur coat, among other things.

He also must seem to be fixated on Agnetha's ass as often as he refers to that part of her anatomy. He also talks about how well ABBA behaved in hotel rooms, etc, and lists lots of things that show how considerate they were and in the midst of all this is says: 'is this getting monotonous?'

He's putting them down for being nice?

He is so condescending to them it's almost absurd. I'm not saying he has to be a rah! rah! type of writer, but this is a book that puzzles me as its approach is so far outside any other similar work I have read.

Very disappointing.

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