The Visitors

1. The Visitors: A very strange sort of frightening song.
2. Head Over Heels: An okay song but that's it.
3. When All Is Said and Done: One of my favorite ABBA songs.
4. Soldiers: It's okay but that's it. This is kind of a weak album overall.
5. I Let the Music Speak: Again it's just okay.
6. One of Us: Another song I really, really like.
7. Two for the Price of One: I don't like it. A number of the films on this CD sound like they were planned for a musical and not for a regular CD.
8. Slipping Through My Fingers: It's an okay song.
9. Like an Angel Passing Through My Room: Sounds like it was recorded in an empty room.
10. Should I Laugh or Cry: Yet again another so-so song.
11. The Day Before You Came: An interesting song, but not among my favorites.
12. Cassandra: One of my favorites. Sometimes I feel like Cassandra.
13: Under Attack: Another good song.

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