1. Waterloo: Won them a music contest. A good song.
2. Sitting in the Palm tree: Not that very good.
3. King Kong Song: Definitely not that very good. Sort of vaguely Beach Boy-ish in parts.
4. Hasta Manana: Fairly decent.
5. My Mama Said: Not that good, again.
6. Dance (While the Music Still Goes On): Quite good, more like the songs they did later.
7. Honey Honey: Another good song.
8. Watch Out: Almost fairly decent, but not quite. Also, too much emphasis on the males voices on a number of the songs.
9. What About Livingstone: Again not so good.
10. Gonna Sing My Love Song: A good song.
11. Suzy Hang-around: Interesting. Sort of sounds like it should be maybe twenty years after its time.
12. Ring Ring: I like this one.
13. Waterloo (in Swedish): I always like it when the songs are sung in another language.
14. Honey Honey (in Swedish): Same as above.
As a first album it's rough with only a few good songs on it. Fortunately got a lot better as time went on.

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