The Podlings are a race of extremely peaceful people who live in harmony with nature. The picture on the left shows them as they normally are; the picture on the right shows a podling after being drained by a Skeksis.

The Skeksis are the villains of the movie, totally without any "redeeming values" they have set about on a program to exterminate the Gelfling by draining their bodys of a vital life force in order to prolong their own lives. They are not immortal, however. They all live together in the castle and have their own hierarchy with constant scheming among themselves for higher status.

Aughra is a character of undetermined age and origin. She is basically a scientist, of sorts, and helps Jen and Kira in their battle against the Skeksis.

The urRru are very peaceful individuals and are sort of philosopher shamans in their actions. They adopted Jen when he was orphaned and have raised him amost his entire life.

Fizzgig, Kira's pet.

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