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The Dark Crystal

The Dark Crystal is one of the best movies of its time. It is about the world of Thra, inhabited by gentle beings known as the Gelfling who have been almost totally exterminated by the evil Skeksis. Two Gelfling survive, and it is up to them to try and "heal the crystal" and return the world of Thra to the paradise it once was.

The Dark Crystal is one of the best movies of its time. It is There are reports of a sequel that is in the works for the movie. From the early reports, though, I have my doubts about how good the movie will be since it basically seems to repeat the first movie, bringing back the Skeksis, the garthim and various other characters. Kira and Jen will be the King and Queen of the Gelfling, which means the people doing the movie will have to come up with a way to find a bunch of other Gelfling since, as of the end of the Dark Crystal, there were only 2 on the whole planet, supposedly. (Another report has Jen and Kira not being part of the film at all

The Dark Crystal is one of the best movies of its time. It is This section will contain some articles on the movie, some images from the movie, and some writings that I have done on the movie. Hopefully you will find something you enjoy.

Reviews and other articles on the movie

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Other things

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Black and White movie stills
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Dark Crystal book cover
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German mini-poster
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Misc. images
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You Tube materials

These are all materials that I found on You Tube.

Dark Crystal 1982 Movie Trailer
A Song of Fire and Storm
Bring Me To Life
Bring Me To Life (another one)
Come Clean
Death of an Uru
Deleted scene of Aughra and Jen
Fountain of Youth
Funeral Scene
Gelfling Song
Hello Gelfling
How Does It Feel
Love Theme
My Immortal
Power of the Dark Crystal
Song from the Dark Crystal
The New Emperor
The Power of the Dark Crystal
Trevor Howard
Trial By Stone
Page 1
Page 2
Page 3

Original materials on the world of Thra

The Dark Crystal Chronology
History of the Skeksis and the urRu
Gelfling biology and culture
Evolutionary and Psychological characteristics of Intelligent Life Forms on Thra
The Shapes of Kindness (fiction story)
Loves Bright Power (fiction story)
A couple of drawings I did

My You Tube video on The Dark Crystal