The World of the Dark Crystal

This is a 1981 book that contains illustrations by Brian Froud. It also contains photos and text. It contains a map showing the area around the Crystal Castle. In a chapter entitled The World of the Crystal and Aughra, there is a page that shows various symbols used in the movie and what they mean, including the triangular symbol that is so prominent.

The next chapter is The Darkened World and it has loads of illustrations of various creatures from Thra, partcularly those from the swamp area. The chapter after that is Of The Nature of the urRu. It lists the name of each urRu and what they did and contains numerous illustrations of the types of things they carried with them that relate to symbology.

The next chapter is Of The Nature of the Skeksis, and is simlar to the above chapter except, of course, it is geared towards the Skeksis. The last chapter is entitled Of The Prophecy and the Quest.

This is an over-sized book which is great in that it gives room for larger than normal and more detailed illustrations. There is no doubt at all that this is a book you would want to add to your Dark Crystal collection.

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