The Dark Crystal Free Comic Book Day Issue

This is actually sort of a mini-comic. The cover is really well done.

This covers the mythology of Aughra, and tells about how the Urskeks constructed the Crystal Castle and manipulated its energy to help the beings of Thra. It reveals that Aughra had a son named Raunip and he wasn't the nicest person in the world, and that's putting things mildly.

There will be more comics in this series and I really hope that they don't keep using Raunip. He was not in the original movie and there was never any indication at all that Aughra had ever had a child. I can understand introducing some new people, like the Gelflings other than Jen and Kira, but Raunip would be too much to add, again this being due to there being no hint at all of any such being in the first movie.

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