The Dark Crystal: Creation Myths Volume III

The final book in the trilogy. The series continues with the storyteller continues with the history of Thra. This one involves the Gelfling falling for the Skeksis promises of help and protection, Aughra's son getting mad at her and going away and a new breed of monsters appearing and doing major damage.

I think the monsters are probably a leftover from what was going to be the follow-up movie to The Dark Crystal. The Skeksis and urRu appear somewhat similar to how they did in the movie but without the layers of clothing that they had on then. There is nearly a battle but the urRu display one of their major abilities.

The story is done fairly well and is pretty much true to the mythos. There are a few extras in this final volume and that's nice. It is still somewhat of a downer, though, realizing that the Gelfling don't realize the great danger the Skeksis present to them and the terrible genocidal result that will have.

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