Song of the Dark Crystal

This is the second book in a series. Several Gelfling are trying to warn the others about the reality of the Skeksis plan. The group splits up with one going to a capital city to warn a certain woman and the others going to talk to Aughra. After that they go to try to find a relic flute which they hope will allow them to warn all the Gelfling of what is going on.

The book also includes an explanation of the various Gelfling clans and it even includes a glossary.

They go some major dangers involving a Skeksis, loads and loads of spiders and the other natural dangers of the world. They go through a place which is similar to Warehouse 13, meet a couple of mystics, have a major battle and do a lot of traveling.

The characters are well done and there is, indeed, a lot of action. The main problem I have with this book is that, no matter whether the main characters succeed or not we know, without any doubt, that they ultimately failed. The Skeksis managed to kill almost every single Gelfling (as established in the movie). All the warnings in the world didn't work. It's like writing a story about men involved in the Alamo before the battle, knowing that every single one of thing would be killed.

Yes, it makes for an interesting story but it's also something that you know will not work. It's like looking at the very end of a movie, knowing how it ends, and then watching the entire movie. It just doesn't work.

I would give the book 4 stars for the characters and the actions but I have to take off 2 stars since it's a story of eventual futility.

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