The Dark Crystal Creation Myths Book 2

This is the second book in the series where a mysterious traveler is telling a story to some Gelfling. The traveler coverts how Aughra and her son went to watch the Great Conjunction at the crystal castle. At the time the only beings there were the UrSkeks. One of them turns out to be evil and he causes things to go wrong, splitting the UrSkekes into the UrRu and the Skekis. We get to see what each group looked like before they later acquired various layers of clothing.

There is another Gelfling male-female pairing that basically reflects the Gen-Kira pairing from the movie. There's also a lot of information in text form at the end of the book.

Aughra's son seems to be getting the blame for causing everything that goes wrong but it doesn't seem to me that he's the one responsible.

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