Power of the Dark Crystal

This seems to be the story of what would have been the sequel to the Dark Crystal movie. I didn't think the movie would be a good idea, especially after I had read about the probably script, and after reading just the first issue I'm doubly confirmed in my opinion.

The story opens in the Crystal Castle where podlings and others are bringing 'offerings' in order to receive healing, etc. Jen and Kira are apparently sleeping and are only awakened when absolutely necessary.

A creature from inside Thra shows up, a fire-creature, who says that a shard of the crystal is needed so those inside Thra can survive (which, of course, we know what is going to happen if a shard is taken. Lack of surprise, anyone?)

So, let's get on to my problems with this issue. First, where the heck did all the other Gelfling come from? No explanation. Are they all descendants of Kira and Jen? (If so, their gene structure would have to be very different from ours in order to avoid the problem of inbreeding and its results. In my own writings I have assumed that there was more than one continent on Thra and, before the Skeksis messed things up, Gelfling had explored those continents and had settlements there. For some reason they returned to the main continent and re-established the Gelfling population there.)

There being a world inside Thra is sort of hard to take. If there was, why was no mention made of it in the writings about the Dark Crystal so far? Did the Skeksis/Garthim/etc. Invade and get driven back by the fire beings? Wouldn't Aughra have know about any such civilization?

Also, I don't think the artwork of the Gelfling priests is done very well.

The thing that upsets me the most is that the Great Crystal has become an object of religious worship and people are required to bring offerings in order to get any benefits. In other words a priestly class has been established, somehow, unfortunately, and they now make the rules. I just don't think that Jen and Kira would have supported such an arrangement. Granted, there was a prophecy in the movie which means someone had to come up with it but it could have been a person with the ability to see the future and not some other religious group.

This has sort of a related problem to the movie. In the movie we learn early on there is a prophecy about the Crystal being healed by Gelfling so unless the movie is going to have a bad ending the people watching it will know that everything will turn out fine in the end. The prophecy part really should have been left out.

In this series of comics and a would-have-been movie we know right off that someone is going to mess with the Great Crystal and this will result in the Skeksis coming back. (Even though the beings that were split into Skeksis and urRu had supposedly left long ago.)

Thus, nothing to really expect other than that there will be familiar problems and somehow everything will work out fine in the end.

I don't think that's a good way to do a movie or a comic series.

Thurma is the fireling, claiming that her world which is inside Thra will die unless she gets a shard of the crystal. Kensho is a Gelfling. Jen and Kira are very old and not very active. A Gelfling priesthood has been established which demands offerings from the other Gelfling in order for them to be healed by the Great Crystal.

Issue 1

This takes place some one hundred years after the movie. The crystal is surrounded on the floor by various offerings. Aughra is still with her lab and she senses something bad is going to happen. Thura shows up. There's information on her world she thinks about. She also is able to find out what happened in the past.

We find out how corrupt the religious system has become when a guard won't let a supplicant in because she has no offering to make. Kensho helps the podling who didn't have an offering. The light the crystal gives out is going down so what do the Gelfling priests do? Increase the cost of the offerings. Thurma gets to talk to Jen and Kira.

Thurma explains to them what is going on and that she needs a shard of the Great Crystal.

Issue 2

Kensho, an outcast Gelfling, talks to Thurma. Thra seems to be 'sick.' Aughra knows about the firelings. Skeksis artifacts have been kept in storage.

issue 3

A shard is taken and the Skeksis return and here is where there is a MAJOR problem. Didn't the people who wrote the comic ever bother to read the book and watch the movie? It was very, very, very clear in both that the Skeksis and the mystics were united, physically, at the end of the story and they became the original Urskeks. These then LEFT THE PLANET! There was no way that anyone would have been imprisoned in the Great Crystal.

How could they make a mistake like this? First, they use an almost unbelievable plot that there's a world inside Thra which consists of fire. Now, if that were true, then where are the volcanoes that would most likely develop from such a situation? Also, the firelings would have to be some kind of energy absorbing creatures since no food could grow under such conditions.

Then the idea that the Great Crystal is missing a shard has already been used in the movie and the book. The writers decided to re-use the same situation but with a different spin which to me is kind of lazy writing.

Issue 4

The background of the firelings is covered. Jen plans to leave the castle to retrieve the crystal shard. Kira is too 'weak' to go out. Excuse me. Again, didn't they watch the film or read the book? Kira was the bravest and the most capable of the two. Saying that she's too weak is putting her in the stereotypical position of the 'weak female.' If she had been ill, then that would be understandable. Both she and Jen are old so that can't be used as an excuse.

Issue 5

The Chamberlain is chasing Thura to get the piece of the crystal back. He becomes almost comical in the story as he's constantly chasing her, thinks he gets the shard and then doesn't. I can almost see him screaming 'Curses! Foiled again!

Aughra and Kira talk.

Issue 6

The sixth book in the series of twelve. The flame girl (Thurma) has a crystal shard and one of the Skeksis tries to take it from her. Kensho saves her. Aughra is angry with the mystics. Thurma and Kensho meet Kensho's mother. Thurma was responsible for a fire that took away much of the good source for Thurma's people.

There's a lie hidden from someone and one of the Gelfling elders may just possibly be quite insane.

Issue 7

The Mystics are chanting. Jen is leading a group of Gelfling to try and get the shard back from the 'fire girl.' The encounter some podlings who note that the Gelfling are riding garthim and those creatures had killed many. Meanwhile the thief and her co-conspirator are caught in some kind of earthquake. Augra is talking to Kira.

A couple Gelfling attack the thief who seems about ready to unleash a monstrous attack of her own.

Issue 8

The crazy/controlled official lets the Skeksis loose. Jen talks to Thurma. The Chamberlain is still following them. Kensho finds out he's been lied to by Thurma. There's a fight.

Issue 9

Jen is unconscious. The Skeksis have taken control of the Garthim. Thurma is running along with something that looks like a turtle. The thing had the shard in it. Apparently it upset it's stomach because it hacks nad spits out the shard.

Kira is in the castle. The Gelfling that remain have set up a barracade to keep out the Skeksis. There's some kind of chanting going on and the Gelfing traitor is still with the Skeksis. Kensho is alone but finds the turtle-like thing. Kensho finds interesting crystal carvings.

The Skeksis shows up yet again saying the crystal is his. Thurma finds Kensho and says she has to get him out of there, that he can't survive in the underground heat. Jen is on a dragon-like creature heading towards the castle. The two continue to flee only to once again encounter the Skeksis.

Meanwhile the crystal bats attack Jen while he's still in the air. Jen's falling to his death and Thurma and Kensho are grabbed by the sort-of turtle.

Issue 10

Kensho and Thurma dreamfast. Supposedly that should be possible but it seems that long ago some Gelfling must have found a way into Thra and, for some reason, stayed there. Over the years they adapted and evolved and became the firelings.

They are still pursued by a Skeksis who wants the shard. They finally do reach Thurma's home.

Issue 11

Thurma is the fire-being and Kensho is the Gelfling. The firelings are dying off including Thurma's mother. Thurma has the shard but a Skeksis attacks and Kensho fights him to try and get the shard piece back.

It's probably the best they can do with a storyline that never should have been used in the first place.

Issue 12

The final comic in this series.The shard is still up for grabs, Kensho may or may not be dead, the Great Crystal may or may not be healed, etc.

So, what we have in this entire series is basically a replay of the original story with a slight addition. Skeksis and mystics split from originals? Check. Piece of the shard broken off? Check. Aughra? Check. Glefling/Skeksis fight? Check. Healing of the Great Crystal? Check.

I could go on but I won't. I'm just glad the movie idea based on this was dropped. To me The Dark Crystal should have been a stand-alone story. period. No prequels (like the one on Netflix) and no sequels.

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