Power of the Dark Crystal

This seems to be the story of what would have been the sequel to the Dark Crystal movie. I didn't think the movie would be a good idea, especially after I had read about the probably script, and after reading just the first issue I'm doubly confirmed in my opinion.

The story opens in the Crystal Castle where podlings and others are bringing 'offerings' in order to receive healing, etc. Jen and Kira are apparently sleeping and are only awakened when absolutely necessary.

A creature from inside Thra shows up, a fire-creature, who says that a shard of the crystal is needed so those inside Thra can survive (which, of course, we know what is going to happen if a shard is taken. Lack of surprise, anyone?)

So, let's get on to my problems with this issue. First, where the heck did all the other Gelfling come from? No explanation. Are they all descendants of Kira and Jen? (If so, their gene structure would have to be very different from ours in order to avoid the problem of inbreeding and its results. In my own writings I have assumed that there was more than one continent on Thra and, before the Skeksis messed things up, Gelfling had explored those continents and had settlements there. For some reason they returned to the main continent and re-established the Gelfling population there.)

There being a world inside Thra is sort of hard to take. If there was, why was no mention made of it in the writings about the Dark Crystal so far? Did the Skeksis/Garthim/etc. Invade and get driven back by the fire beings? Wouldn't Aughra have know about any such civilization?

Also, I don't think the artwork of the Gelfling priests is done very well.

The thing that upsets me the most is that the Great Crystal has become an object of religious worship and people are required to bring offerings in order to get any benefits. In other words a priestly class has been established, somehow, unfortunately, and they now make the rules. I just don't think that Jen and Kira would have supported such an arrangement. Granted, there was a prophecy in the movie which means someone had to come up with it but it could have been a person with the ability to see the future and not some other religious group.

This has sort of a related problem to the movie. In the movie we learn early on there is a prophecy about the Crystal being healed by Gelfling so unless the movie is going to have a bad ending the people watching it will know that everything will turn out fine in the end. The prophecy part really should have been left out.

In this series of comics and a would-have-been movie we know right off that someone is going to mess with the Great Crystal and this will result in the Skeksis coming back. (Even though the beings that were split into Skeksis and urRu had supposedly left long ago.)

Thus, nothing to really expect other than that there will be familiar problems and somehow everything will work out fine in the end.

I don't think that's a good way to do a movie or a comic series.

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