Bankok Haunted

Legend of the Drum

The first story is somewhat confusing in parts, but by the end of the story makes at least some sense.

The section opens with someone driving a truck and another person riding in it. The person riding has found a drum in a box.

The guy in the back of the truck spots something, panics, and abandons the truck.

She remains while he's gone.

The antiques dealer gets the drum, but didn't order it.

A professor is consulted to find out what the drum is, and then suddenly there's a flashback. Some “master” goes to see a dying friend and promises to take care of his daughter.

The girl is given dancing lessons by someone who is totally cloaked. The guys treat Gnod, the cloaked person, badly, and the young girl brings him some food after the other guys say he can't have any supper.

The girl gets order and is still receiving dance lessons. Gnod spies on her while she's bathing later (although she seems to have a swimsuit or something one.)

Gnod gives Paga, the girl, some bracelets.

The girl is dancing. Later some guy is infatuated with her when she's out of costume.

This girl, Jieb from the start of the film, tries to work on her computer. The lights go out and she goes outside to read by candlelight. Apparently we've suddenly jumped from 1917 to present-day. She hears an odd sound and gets a knife.

She goes outside and suddenly it's daylight and the people from the 1917 flashback are there, and then they aren't.

She talks to the professor, I'm assuming the next day, and asks if he believes in spirits. They are also talking about the girl from the past.

Fond, the guy, is interested in the girl (in the past.) Gnod is jealous.

Gnod asks for the bracelet back that he had given to her. Apparently she and Gnod disappeared that night and were never seen again.

Jieb is awoken from her sleep and sees a figure that moves into another room, or she dreams she awoke and saw the figure who said Fond.

At Jieb's home another girl is present (Paga), while Jieb is driving somewhere.

Then she's back home and rescues the guy, Vin, who has fallen into the water, under some kind of spell from Paga.

She stabs the drum.

Gnod had stabbed Paga in the back, cut her arm off and put it into the drum.

Paga seems to be able to bespell people easily.

She takes possession of Jieb's body. After this we find out it's all three women sitting in a restaurant telling stories.

Black Magic Woman

This one is mainly a fairly crude story, and one that doesn't make a whole lot of sense. It depends overmuch on scenes of people throwing up and of zombie-like people that aren't really ever explained. Definitely inferior to the first story.

The start of the episode has a couple of guys talking in a morgue, then a woman coming home and passing a couple who are making out in the hallway. She's awoken the next morning by the sound of the couple having sex.

The guy in the morgue is manipulating the corpse. She seems to come alive for a moment, but he does something to stop her.

Then we go slightly back in time to the two women in the elevator. Apparently the guy at the morgue makes this essence by taking blood from dead women.

She has put a drop of the essence on her skin, then transferred a tiny bit to the guy she wants. He follows her and they end up having sex.

However, there's suddenly two women in the bed after the lovemaking, and not just one. He gets sick and ends up in the hospital the next day.

It appears the male from the ICU earlier has gone home but is now ill again.

Meanwhile, the woman has managed to obtain another bottle of the essence. She was set on going after another, but she finds that he has a woman with him (in their water taxi). She spikes his drink with the stuff and the next day they are in her apartment having sex.

Then there's some vapor around the woman's body along with various sort of disgusting scenes. Meanwhile, the guy she had sex with had gone out to get something from the convenience store and gets run down by a car.

She gets a phone call from him, not knowing he's actually dead.

Some other guy was coming to see her, but the guy that is dead kills him with a hatchet. Apparently he kills her and transports her into his coffin so they can be together for all time.


The episode opens with a corpse hanging with a rope around its neck.

The detective thinks it's a murder case, but his superior doesn't.

The detective is not going to let this one go, though. We are also “treated” to some close-up scenes of an autopsy being performed. This episode is beginning to try to be as much a gross-out as the last episode. The coroner is able to verify that it wasn't suicide.

The detective sees a mist-like cloud near him as he leaves the place where the woman's husband was supposed to be, but wasn't answering the door.

He finds out that her marriage had a lot of problems. The woman had apparently been beaten by her husband frequently, at least so says this friend of hers.

He finally is able to confront her husband. The guy pulls out a gun and threatens to shoot the detective.

He's followed by another car and stops, confronting the people who say they saw a woman in the car with him trying to get out of the car.

As he gets back in the car we are able to see the woman.

The detective finds a former boyfriend of hers and questions him. He later comes back at night with th coroner friend and finds some kind of letter that's been hidden. Another friend of his lets him know that the dead woman's husband has a hooker in his apartment.

They exhume the body and the coroner checks it again and finds out the woman had been pregnant but miscarried, and that was due to someone causing it on purpose.

He confronts the husband again (who's planning on leaving) and the guy tries to strangle him. The detective manages to push him away and he draws his gun. The husband fell on something sharp and was killed. Then the detective gets a call from the coroner and he tells him that the husband can't be t he murderer since he's paralyzed from the waist down.

The former boyfriend was the one who got her pregnant. Apparently the detective knew the woman, and he kills the ex-boyfriend. Later he finds out the ex-boyfriend could not have killed her, and he figures out how she actually did really kill herself. There's also a very interesting twist that relates to the women telling the stories.

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