Ab-normal Beauty


This is a very gory and very brutal film, moreso because the brutality it depicts is both possible and realistic. Jiney is a young woman who was abused as a child by her cousin and his friends, and her own mother didn't believe her. She is currently taking an art class and working on photography, and she becomes fascinated with taking photos of people and animals at the moment of their death.

It turns out she has a stalker, and he is willing to kill to make his fantasies real.

It's a very upsetting movie but actually one that is well done. It's absolutely not for the squemish.



She and another girl take photos.

Her mother is going away for a month on business (and it's not the first time she's done that kind of thing, either.)

There's an accident near to where she is.

She starts taking photos. (There's been some really, really good background music so far.)

In class she's working on a painting of a nude woman and suddenly sees blood start to run down the woman's forehead. She adds the blood to her painting even though she soon sees that the woman is not bleeding at all.

She pays a merchant to kill some chickens for her while she takes photos.

Jas, her girlfriend, is thinking that Jiney is having some kind of problem. Meanwhile, the pictures she took of the chickens being killed seem to be bleeding.

Jas has a very reasonable question to ask. Jiney just says she's tired of photographing trees. In the following days she shots more dead animals and even a butcher taking apart a fish.

While soaking in the furo she orgasms while she remembers a time when she was quite young and several young boys tried to take her clothes off and feel her up.

She buys a bunch of books about photography of dead people and dead animals, then eats lunch with a guy that hit on her early in the film.

Jas is jealous of Jiney having lunch with the guy.

They're on the 10th floor.

Jas (for Jasmine) is getting freaked out by Jiney's behavior.

At least one of the boys that fondled/raped her when she was young was a cousin.

Jiney is out walking and sees a girl about to jump.

She continues to take pictures as the girl falls.

Anson tells Jiney he loves her after taking even more video of her. (Although he's imagining he says this) (Basically he's been stalking her.)

She tells him she needs him to model for her.

She throws red paint on him and threatens him with a knife, telling him not to move.

This is then followed by a bit of incredibly strange camera work.

She says she doesn't want to hurt someone, but when she sees the photos (of dead people and animals) she loses control. She's afraid she will kill someone some day. Jas gets Jiney to destroy the photos she took, tear down the painting she did, and get the paint off of her.

Jiney talks to her mother on the phone and the next morning Jiney and Jas have breakfast. She seems better but she later goes to a locker and finds a folder with strange photos in it. They are not photos she took.

She doesn't know that Anson has still been filming her. She finds a videotape outside her door. It starts off with scenes of a girl being tortured. It gets really bad. They figure out that Anson made it and they confront him.

However, he admits only to sending a music video by email and denies he ever sent any photos or tape. Meanwhile, someone else is taping them.

Jiney hears something strange in the apartment.

She finds another tape outside her door and Jas' cell phone.

The same guy has Jas tied up. He beats her and then kills her.

He sneaks into Jiney's apartment, knocks her out and takes her to the place he kills the other girls. He starts beating her up.

She tries to talk to him in a way that might reach his sick mind. She's able to trick him, escape, beat him and hang him (although he had started to hang himself, actually), and she takes his mask off and knows who he is.

It turns out she pushed her own cousin down the stairs and killed him.

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