Charise Pempengco

She's a Filipino singer who, at age 16, appeared on Oprah.

The film starts out with brief clips of Charise's appearance on various television shows, then the woman doing the narration talks about Charise's life briefly.

People are recognizing her after her appearances.

Her father had abused her mother. The mother gets a divorce, and she and Charise move in with a relative.

While living at her grandmother's, Charise begins her great singing ability.

Her mother gets Charice to sing at a party.

She was shy.

She enters a singing contest. She wins for best costume. She only gets third place in the singing, though.

They move out of their grandmother's (the grandmother was ultra-nasty). Charise entered other singing contests, sometimes winning, sometimes losi


The house is broken into and their money is stolen.

She enters more contests, hoping to win some money.

Another contest she entered. She was eliminated in the first round. She gets to continue to compete, though, winning a wild card slot.

She makes the finals. She ended up in third place. She didn't get enough text votes.

Someone from Sweden saw her on Youtube and wants her to record a song for an album.

She got invited to a Korean talent show.

A rep from the show calls.

Some footage from the show is then shown.

She also performs on the Oprah Winfrey show.

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